27 September 2010

Stylish Kids: Buttons By Lou Lou

Clever Louise from Buttons by Lou Lou specialises in Flair. Not the Jennifer-Anniston-on-Office-Space kind. We're talking stylish fabric-covered accessories for kids, adults, and everyone in-between.

Check it out - the Buttons by Lou Lou range includes buttons/badges/brooches, hair clips, hair bands, earrings, headbands, cufflinks, necklaces, rings, bookmarks and... buttons! The hair accessories are a no-brainer for sweet little girls, but check out how cool the badges look on the little boys' hat (above) and I will be buying a bunch of the fantastic cufflinks for Mr Bondville.

You can find Melbourne-based Buttons by Lou Lou in the Madeit (Australia) store online, at various markets and at stockists around Australia. Louise also has an excellent blog that is fun to read - go say Hi and see what you like.


  1. Lou is one of my favourite bloggers. It's great to see her work recognised!!

    I stopped in from Lou's blog and I really love what you're doing over here. Lovely to find a new blog to love. x

  2. I love Buttons by Lou Lou's designs! So vibrant and funky. =)

  3. Thanks everyone. Thanks Steph :) Lou.

  4. So great to see how much Lou is loved. And thank you so much Maxabella, you've made my day.


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