23 August 2010

Hip Products: Wicked Child Designs softies

We've had a rough weekend in Australia with a disappointing result in our federal elections and a hung parliament. If you need a target to take out your frustration, look no further than the hysterical softie caricatures by Brisbane-based Teneale Muir from Wicked Child Designs.

You can choose your very own tongue-in-cheeck Julia Gillard or Tony Abbott doll (the hair! those ears! the budgie smugglers!) complete with miniature canvas and easel to display their cheeky story.

Clever Teneale also has a range of other fun long-legged softie characters including Jesus, Nietzsche, and her original designs. These are the kind of toys that grown-ups can appreciate too. Keep an eye out for more topical designs.

You can find Wicked Child Designs softies in the Etsy store online and at various markets. Check the Wicked Child Designs blog for more information.

Images: Wicked Child Designs


  1. I have one of those Julia dolls. It makes me laugh. I didn't think of taking my frustrations out on it though. Could be a good voodoo doll? I do like Teneale's wicked sense of humour. x

  2. Thea - I think Teneale would think that was hilarious. Not sure Julia or Tony would though. You're always so ahead of the curve.

  3. Thank you Steph! And thanks Thea too! Our next market will be the BrisStyle Indie Designers Market on the 4th of September at Hamilton. You can find more info on their blog - www.bris-style.com

    Teneale x

  4. hilarious! love these dolls : )

  5. couldn't find your email addy. hence leaving this comment in this post. A well done job on showcasing the Aussie talented artists! Liked your blog!

    btw, clever Teneale indeed! :)

  6. Oooh love the Julia and Tony dolls! Fabulous!

  7. Haha they are very cute! I wonder which outsold the other? or were there even sales? :P


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