17 August 2010

Deck Chair Reno Project

Oh I'm so happy with how my renovated deck chairs turned out. Mum rescued the originals from Council pickup and all I had to do was sand them back, stain them, make 2 new 'slings' and staple them on. A normal person would expect it to take one, maybe two days. Call it a weekend. But these beauties took me 20 months to complete; during which time we moved cities and had a baby. I can't even tell you how glad I was to cross them off the to-do list! Please tell me I'm not alone in my well-intentioned but snail's pace DIY.

P.S. that's Molly the schnauzer looking not-so-impressed.

Images: Steph Bond


  1. I have one here I need to do - where did you get the slings from?!
    And, for the record, it's one that got left outside and went mouldy about 10 years ago!

  2. Hi Kathryn, oh good, I'm not alone. They look deceptively easy to fix up, but sanding all those sides... argh. So slings - I made them; got some canvas-type fabric, used the orginial daggy sling as a pattern, doubled the fabric so it would like nice from the back and then used a zigzag stitch at the sides and top for reinforcement. A cinch for you!

  3. They look very chic now Steph. Well done you! I have some child-sized deck chairs that have been waiting for me to make them new sling for 4 years so I think your 20 month time frame was quite speedy!
    Clare x

  4. Thanks Clare! That makes me feel much better. I'd love some child-sized chairs; how gorgeous.

  5. they look great, worth waiting the many months to complete!

    thanks for the paper straw tip off they should be on there way to me as I type

  6. Ooh why thank you Selina! For anyone else looking for those barber pole stripe paper straws, try Imprintables and Lark. Two of my favourites!

  7. *claps and cheers loudly* and don't that look delish to lie in...Hi-5 for road side rescue!! I hope it was a massive ti k off the list too.

    Xo Steph

  8. Oh no...I just picked 2 up off gumtree thinking i'd knock them over in a couple of days...I'm famous for procrastinating, I'll let you know when I get them done!


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