30 August 2010

Australian Artist Spotlight: Missy Minzy by Irene Andrews

After all the politics, it's time for a little fantasy. These mushroom illustrations by Missy Minzy transport me to ferny groves full of fairies and elves. Talented illustrator Irene Andrews creates a magical land for her Minzy girl character, full of mushrooms and quirky birds that is very inviting in these complicated times.

Based in Melbourne, Irene is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and new mother (how does she do it all?). I particularly love her mushroom paper bunting and the "incomplete alphabet" cards featuring birds created with signature Miss Minzy detailing and a lot of love.

Missy Minzy illustrations are available as giclee art prints, ACEO (Art Card Editions & Originals) and other paper goods. The original illustrations are hand drawn, coloured digitally professionally printed on archival paper using archival pigment ink.

You can find Missy Minzy prints on Big Cartel, Etsy, MadeIt (Australia) and local markets. Find out more about Irene, upcoming markets and new works on the Missy Minzy blog.

Images: Missy Minzy


  1. Love the bunting too Steph! What a great find!!

  2. Thanks Kellie - you have amazing taste, so glad to have your thumbs up.

  3. Amanda@easypeasyorganic.com7:06 pm, August 31, 2010

    Ooh, I love those alphabet cards! How great would something like that be as a border around the top of bub's room?

  4. Superb kids stuff. Loved the mushroom( first one)


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