7 July 2010

Wall Stickers For Kids

My dear friend Estelle asked me for my wall sticker recommendations for her son Karsten's room. Here are some of my favourite Australian wall decal designers. Let me know if you have any more:

love mae
I have a love mae Christmas tree and the quality is great. Easily removable and repositionable and I like the matte fabric finish.

Vinyl Wall Design

The Wall Sticker Company
My friend Linda has this sticker collection on her son Luke's wall and it looks fantastic.

Little Chipipi

My Munchkin Home

Stick Meon
Includes this must-have limited edition from Bondville favourite Aunty Cookie.
Bosco Bear

For Walls
Wall Sticker Shop


  1. I make wall stickers too! Well, I design them, and get them printed here in Australia. They're all about letter learning and phonics. That's a beautiful collection that you've gathered!

  2. Great stuff Ash. Send me your link and a nice big image and I'll include it in the round-up above. stephbond at gmail dot com.

  3. Love these wall stickers! Now if we could only settle on a room for Nelle ...

  4. What do I do if I have a house full of VJ walls? Maybe the birds over the light switches might just fit on a VJ? sigh ... :-/

  5. Nice wall sticker, are they removable?


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