8 July 2010

I Love Barambah Organics

I was absolutely delighted to find my favourite food brand at my favourite grocery store in Sydney today. Barambah Organics is a dairy company based in Brisbane that produces a beautiful range of dairy products including milk, cream, cheeses and a whole collection of yoghurts.

My absolute favourite product is the glorious award-winning full cream milk - pasteurised, but not homogenised with a lovely thick plug of cream on top.

The Barambah Organics farm is located on the NSW/QLD border where cows are free to access organic green grass on the banks of the Dumaresq River. Without chemicals and hormones, you owe it to your little ones and yourself to try this lovely brand.

The packaging is sweet and simple and will always remind me of my daughter growing up. You can find Barambah Organics at great retailers around Australia including About Life in Sydney (which I discovered today).

Images: Barambah Organics


  1. Hello Ms Bond,

    We have been giving our girls Baramabah products since they went onto dairy because Rosie has allergic reactions to non-organic dairy. We even had it delivered to our house when we lived in East Brisbane. It is great to see them grow as a company. Our girls are 8 now and we always joke that we kept Barambah in business in their early days.

  2. Me too! Sounds like you've found a great shop - with a great philosophy! xx

  3. @Jennine - your girls are SO LUCKY!

    @Amanda - wait until you come to Sydney. I'll take you there. You are going to die.

  4. Yay Barambah Organics! The cream top is the best - no other organic milk tastes quite as good to me. K


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