27 July 2010

Hip Products: Tightology tights for Kids and Mums

My friend Lesley and I had our second babies at the same time and as we were emerging from that baggy clothes/maternity wear ugly-clothes phase, Lesley turned up to a playdate in a pair of chic tights, looking and feeling awesome. I had to have them.

After a little investigating, I found the perfect pair at Evolve on Peregian Beach. Grey, footless, with a subtle but cool black nature-inspired print on the outside of each leg. They are Tightology organic cotton legwear and they are designed in Melbourne by the talented Vera Havari.

Tightology tights come in a range of prints and sizes for kids and women, and they are all fantastic. Ever eco-conscious, the Tightology folk also package the legwear with 100% recycled paper stock, printed with environmental inks.

What's not to love? I just had to buy the cupcake tights for big girl Bondville too and she adores them.

You can find Tightology legwear in the online store as well as at stockists around Australia and the US.

Images: Tightology


  1. Ooh, love these! And miss you guys too!

  2. These are gorgeous! And the cupcake tights are so cute too :)

  3. Hi Amanda, Susie and Lorraine - yep, these tights are a winner. Amanda, we miss you guys too! Lorraine - thanks for stopping by :) Susie - just had a look at your lovely blog; you're a clever clogs.

  4. nice to see leggings/tights that are a bit different and not 'jeggings' or shiny ick.


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