26 July 2010

Hip Products: Queen B Candles

I bought a Queen B beeswax candle from one of my favourite stores Biome last year and totally adored it - a sweet square votive in a delicate porcelain cup, and packaged in a lovely recycled cardboard box. It was simple and perfect.

I've since found that Queen B has a range of great candles, all created with pure cotton wicks and 100% Australian beeswax, which means no parafin, no soy, and no palm wax.

 I love the idea of supporting our regional beekeeping industry, and Queen B's dedication to minimal impact on the environment. Find out more about why Queen B uses Australian beeswax here.

Queen B candles are individually handmade in Sydney, where you can watch the artisans hand-roll, hand-pour and hand-finish each candle, try 16 different types of honey and check out the other beeswax and honey skincare products on offer.

You can find Queen B beeswax candles in the online store and at stockists like Biome (check the website for details).

Images: Queen B


  1. They look adorable. Will check them out now. x

  2. I'm loving the little couple candles and would love to add them to our homemade wedding bomboniere section. I'm sure to find some great suppliers here on your site and will continue to read through your posts.

  3. Thanks Cas! Thea, miss your smiling face.


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