15 July 2010

Hip Products: fromWoopWoop table mats

Another elegantly designed product, this time from an Australian studio, is the ingenious fromWoopWoop table mat. The mats are made from 70% recycled cork composite and jigsaw-cut to reveal 2 separate placemats, 2 coasters and a trivet-style heat mat.

I love the Australiana motives printed on the mat, the use of recycled material and the dual-purpose design. The complete mat would make a lovely centrepiece for a table, and cause quite a stir as it is re-assembled to form a complete table setting. Oh the cleverness of it all.

fromWoopWoop products were designed in Melbourne by Studio Periscope. The mats were exhibited at the 2009 Milan International Furniture Fair, and launched officially in Australia at Design:Made:Trade in Melbourne today. I've been looking for a cool table cloth, and I think this table mat might just fit the bill. At any rate, with the Australian motifs and light weight, they will make fantastic gifts for my overseas family and friends.

You can buy fromWoopWoop tablemats in three different Aussie designs (Wattle, Bottlebrush and Gumnuts) on the fromWoopWoop website with more stockists coming soon.

Images: fromWoopWoop


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