10 July 2010

Hip Products: bbqcanvas Stylish BBQ Covers

The focus here at Bondville is on Australian design but I just couldn't resist sharing with you this GENIUS design from across the pond. Based in NZ, the guys at bbqcanvas® have created fantastic covers for your BBQ.

Stylish and practical, I know these beauties are going to sell like hotcakes (at a great price point). The covers come in four designs and three sizes (M, L, XL) and make the most of a tight weave, piped seams and velcro bindings to ward off the elements.

bbqcanvas® co-designer Arjan van Woensel sounds like a bit of a hoot too: “The bbqcanvas has already cornered a niche market in New Zealand, where it’s transforming boring covered barbeques into an attraction rather than some sort of outdoor style crime". And I love the tongue-in-cheek sheep design.

You can find bbqcanvas® covers on the Australian bbqcanvas® website.

Images: bbqcanvas®


  1. These are a great idea - I'm going to check them out. x

  2. It's truly amazing just how and where people find a blank canvas... Truly an original idea!

    Xo Steph

  3. What an absolutely awesome idea. Thanks for seeking these out for us, Steph. Now, any tips on how to keep the possums from leaving their mark on them? And where can we buy them in Oz? Vanessa x.

  4. Another great find Steph. These are fun and funky!! (-:

  5. @Thea @Steph - I know, how has it not been done before?

    @Vanessa - I'm with you on the possums; love those little guys but not so keen on the little pressies they leave behind.

    @Linda - right up your alley Linda! I can see a nice partnership :)

  6. These are fantastic. I've just ordered the Fish BBQ cover from their website for Dad as a Fathers Day present! Thank you Steph for a another great find. Janex

  7. Jane - that is really great to hear. I hope he loves it. I might have to get the Fish too.

  8. I have always loved to BBQ, but have dreaded the cleaning process. With a charcoal grill, it gets particularly messy when rain meets the leftover ashes and cleaning this is just plain disgusting. I recently decided to go for a new BBQ cover to prevent this from ever happening again and it was a great investment. Not only is my cleaning cut in half, but animals and other intruders can no longer do damage to my grill.

  9. Hi Steph, A big thank you from us here at bbqcanvas. Since launching things have been going great, with some customers mentioning they read about us first on Bondville ! We're looking forward to a great 2010 summer season - already becoming a popular Christmas gift choice, mainly as a christmas gift idea for men it seems. So thank you once again.


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