18 June 2010

Calling for Blogroll Submissions

I'm revamping the Bondville Blogroll and looking to freshen up my list of blogs about design, kids, home, and Australia. I won't be able to list them all straight away, but will be rotating and refreshing the page every few months. I'm really excited - it's going to be a great, evolving, go-to resource for Aussies interested in design.

This submission is open to both Australian and international blogs. Submission cut-off date is 30th June 2010. Email me at { stephbond at gmail dot com } if you would like to be featured on the Bondville blogroll. Please include:
* your name
* your blog name
* your blog URL
* one sentence about your blog
* category: design/kids/home/Australia
* location: state and country
* your blog banner (125px x 125px, static only, smallest size you have)

I won't be able to respond to everyone or list everyone, but will let you know directly if and when your banner appears on the site. Feel free to submit again next time I call for submissions.

I'm really looking forward to checking out all your blogs!

Image: Steph Bond


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