11 May 2010

Cool Websites: Easy Peasy Organic

How yummy does my parfait look!?! My dear friend Amanda and I made these delicious meringue, mascarpone and berry parfaits for dinner last week with leftovers from the fridge. I have an ongoing goal not to waste ricotta, mascarpone, cream and other goodies from the back of the fridge that always seems to be thrown away, and Amanda is my go-to gal for ideas.

In fact, Amanda has recently launched her own website full of great recipes for using leftovers and ideas for a practical, affordable organic lifestyle. It's called Easy Peasy Organic, and it's my favourite site at the moment.

After getting cancer at 32, Amanda wanted to make her family's life as toxin-free as possible, without spending a lot of money. With categories like Upcycling, Little Helpers, and Saving Money By Using It Up, Making It Yourself and Thrifty Living, there should be something there to inspire you! Please pop over and say Hi. (and if you're in Brissie, make sure you check out Amanda's companion site Organic in Brisbane).

Image: Steph Bond


  1. What a gorgeous photo! ... and here I thought we'd devoured all these parfaits pretty much instantly!!

  2. Busted! Yep, those parfaits disappeared immediately. This singular parfait was the one I made with the *leftover* leftovers! Just enough left to make one for me the next day. Mmmmm...

  3. what a great site. on favorites list as well now!


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