14 April 2010

Great Packaging: Preshafruit fruit juice

Always a sucker for great packaging, I fell for the neat, triangle-shaped bottle of Preshafruit Pink Lady apple juice and am pleased to announce that the juice was as refreshing and delicious as it looked. Created by Australian company Donny Boy Fresh Food Company, the range of juices includes apple juice, orange juice, fruit coulis and chunky fruit packs.

Interestingly, Preshafruit juices and fruit are pressurised cold using High Pressure Processing (not heat pasteurised) to preserve flavour, texture, colour, smell and nutrients. The packaging is fantastic, fits neatly in your hand and would be great for a lunch box (and each apple juice contains only the juice of four apples - so good for you too!). I'm still using my bottle on my desk; I just can't bear to throw it out.

I have found Preshafruit at Woolworths; look out for it at a store near you.

Image: Preshafood


  1. Love love love that packaging. Looks almost shampoo bottle-like, but still makes me want to drink it.

  2. They look like little perfume bottles. If they were glass would make very cute vases lined up on a shelf...

  3. You can get them at Coles too!

  4. My daughter and I got sucked in too:)was tasty though

  5. Hi Edwina, Ellie, Bronwyn and Shannon, glad you are with me on this. I'd love to find out who the design agency was that worked with them.

  6. For a case study on the design of the Preshafruit packaging go to:


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