4 April 2010

Brisbane ABCD Meetup Ad Winners

We couldn't decide, and awarded the Autumn 2010 Brisbane ABCD Meetup goodie bag prize to Samantha from Jetta's Nest for her gorgeous art cards, and Bel from Enticing Icing for her handmade sugar art for cupcakes and other baked goodies.

I've written about Samantha's fabulous artwork and craft before, and my Sophie owns two of her gorgeous handmade tops - one made from a vintage Holly Hobby pillow case and the other a mushroom applique featuring one of Samantha's signature sassy girl faces (check them out here). Both are adorable and one-of-a-kind, like all of Samantha's work.

You might know Bel as one half of girls' hair accessories label EmBelish, but did you know that she has just started her own company Enticing Icing? She makes, rolls, and hand-cuts gorgeous sugar art for use as cupcake toppers and a myriad of other pretty things. Here are some of her butterflies in flight on top of cupcakes that I made for Livingstone's birthday party. Bit more fab than my usual cachous!

Images: Steph Bond


  1. Thanks so much Steph. I LOVE those wrappers you have used to. Glad the butterflies were a hit!

    Bel x

  2. These are the best thing since...cupcakes I guess! Lovely sugar work Bel!


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