2 March 2010

Stylish Kids: Olive's Friend Pop

Oh what a divine line of children's wear. Olive's Friend Pop transports us to yesteryear with its pinafores, bonnets, bloomers, knickerbockers and wool capes for little girls. Inspired by the post-World War II era of our grandmothers, this is "nostalgic playwear" made with durable fabric for play and for special occasions too. These pieces are meant for handing down.

The tailoring is exquisite and the fabric choices sweet as can be. I particularly love the wool-blend herringbone overalls picture above. Pop on a head scarf and some mary janes to complete the look. I'd love one in Mummy size too please.

You can find Sydney-based Olive's Friend Pop at stockists around Australia, online and in South Korea.

For more children's clothes from Australia, check out Bondville Kids. And shop online for kids fashion from great stores in the Australian Online Kids and Baby Store Directory.

Images: Olive's Friend Pop


  1. What sweet sweet styling. I have one of those little prams, from my own childhood, that my children use now. It's not that beautiful red, though, and not in nearly as great condition. Perhaps I'll follow up on the inspiration to fix it up a bit..

    Enjoy your day. E xxx

  2. I just LOVE Olive's Friend Pop! I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the first range - The Bertie overalls are divine!

  3. I am trying to be good and not buy all of this range for my daughter but I think I am going to loose very shortly ;)

  4. Hi Ellie, Carli and Michelle - glad to see that Olive's Friend Pop has some fans already. Ellie - can't wait to see your restored pram - what a great prop.

  5. Hello I discover your blog through, google alerts. How are you? This is pretty cute...I would like to become a regular participant.

    That's little pram is pretty cute...:-).


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