24 March 2010

Brown Owls: Paper Bunting and Cards

We had a great time at Brown Owls on the weekend geeking out on stationery cutting tools and pawing over gorgeous paper designs to make these cards and paper bunting. Brown Owl prefect Abbey led the tutorial and we cut, stamped, folded and glued to our hearts' delight. How often do you dedicate two hours of your life to uninterrupted crafting time to make something pretty. Not enough I bet! I think we all deserve a little time once a month to create. And I can't wait to see little Livingstone's face when she opens her card on her birthday this weekend. More pics on the Brown Owls blog.

Images: Steph Bond


  1. Hmph... Not happy i wasn't able to make it ~ again! Looked like you had stacks of fun!

  2. Great design. But a little over my head

  3. Lovely papers and cutouts. The end products are really lovely...


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