29 April 2010

Hip Products: Retro Bird Designs bird cages

I was immediately attracted to Retro Bird Designs by their ever-so-cute vintage doll-printed stuffed toys. And when I enquired further, I found out from founder Melinda about the amazing bird cages that they have been designing in Brisbane, along with a whole range of other products including appliqued bird tees for boys and girls, dresses, dolls and jewellery. These gorgeous pieces would be great on top of a nursery dresser, or just propped around the house somewhere for a dash of whimsy and nostalgic-cool.

You can find Retro Bird Designs on Etsy and at select markets around Australia (check the Etsy store profile for details).


  1. Whenever we're at the same markets I always see lots of people walking around with those gorgeous bird cages. They're just divine!

  2. um! gorgeous! i want one of those bird cages! i don't know where i would put it... in my bedroom, perhaps.

  3. I bought the birdcages for my two nieces for Christmas. Just gorgeous. I also have a collection of Melinda's retro dolls which my girls love.
    Clare x

  4. Great find! They are beautiful.

  5. thank-you for sharing your blog's loveliness with all of the world!
    i'm enjoying all of the pretty pictures immensely!
    <3 have fun being wonderful x x

  6. Glad to be able to share. Christine and Clare, you girls are always ahead of the curve :)


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