22 February 2011

Hip Products: Pony Rider homewares

On the weekend at the Life In Style / Kids In Style tradeshow I met the super-talented girls behind design-brand-of-the-moment Pony Rider - Kelly and Phoebe. And then I kind of gushed, which was a bit embarrassing.

You'll probably recognise Pony Rider homewares from the myriad of shelter magazines and blogs over the past year - all the cool stylists love them to bits. And you can see why - their edgy/cool prints in grey, black, red on natural basecloth cover cushions, rugs, pendants, decals, quilts, napkins, etc, will instantly modernise any setting.

I got to check out some key pieces from the new collection (due out in April 2011) which are of course right on the money. My favourites where a typographic design highlighted with neon yellow, a fun black and white print of the Matterhorn with blue circle highlight and an update of the popular bunting and pendants, this time a rectangular fabric wall hanging, edged with rough hessian. It's all fantastic.

Kelly and Phoebe (who are based on Sydney's northern beaches) have a strong fashion mindset; new homewares are launched each season resulting in a look that evolves and moves forward with each collection. So if you find something Pony Rider that you adore, you better get it quick smart; once they sell out, that's it!

You can find Pony Rider in the online shop as well as at stockists. Find out more about Pony Rider on their blog. Check back here in April 2011 for images of the new goodies.

Images: Pony Rider

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  1. Wow Steph...Thanks for sharing these very cool homewares. I know what I will be pinning today.


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