5 October 2009

Welcome New Sponsor Duckcloth

It's so great to welcome new Bondville sponsors as I always have so much in common with them; particularly those that strongly support Australian design and artists. The Duckcloth online textiles and fabric store is no exception, with a strong selection of my favourite Aussie designers including Shannon Lamden (Aunty Cookie), Ink and Spindle, Kristen Doran, Pippijoe, Prints Charming, Saffron Craig, Shibori, Sprout Design, The Cut Cloth, and Thea and Sami,

Apart from our Aussie textile designers, Duckcloth also has a great range of natural fabrics (cotton, linen and hemp) including Japanese design, contemporary, floral, basics (spots, stripes, solids), children's, eco-friendly and American design in medium and light-weight fabric. You'll also find a huge range of sewing patterns (clothing, softies, homewares and accessories) and gift ideas.

These are a few of my favourites finds from Duckcloth:
Ladybird Garden notepad by Aussie Kristen Doran
Parrots material by Saffron Craig
Bonsai charcoal on cream hemp by Lara Cameron (Ink & Spindle)
Baby Chibi Doll pattern by One Red Robin
Acacia olive on linen by Lara Cameron (Ink & Spindle)
Pohutukawa material by Ingrid Andersen made into a laundry hamper

Head over to the Duckcloth website to order textiles and sign up for the newsletter to be alerted of sales and new fabrics. And check out the Duckcloth blog for gorgeous fabric and craft ideas.

Images: Duckcloth


  1. I love the bold use of color on the fabrics. Are they available in the states?

  2. Wow Steph.

    Duckcloth really has an amazing range of natural fabrics. You don't just find organic cotton & hemp fabric anywhere, but what really gets me is the sheer variety that is available here.

    Definitely a must for anybody with creative intent, so I am bookmarking them in StumbleUpon to share with the world.

    I am really enjoying your blog, by the way. Your passion and enthusiasm really shines through.

    Happy Mondays



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