9 October 2009

Hip Products: Rebecca Ward Jewellery

As you know, there are a lot of fun and interesting blog names out there. I've always thought the name Rebecca the Wrecker was intriguing, and today took the time out to find out who this demolition-sounding person might be.

Lo and behold, the alias belongs to Rebecca Ward Jewellery. And wow, it's all pretty fabulous. Born in New Zealand and now based in Brisbane, Rebecca creates an incredibly creative range of jewellery based on recycled materials and found objects such as pebbles and glass. And if you like the images above, just wait until you see her "Nana glasses" brooches, sea glass jewellery and squashed plastic toy soldiers.

You can find Rebecca Ward Jewellery in the online store as well as stockists across Australia and online. Of course you can also find out more about Rebecca at the Rebecca The Wrecker blog.

And if that hasn't satisfied your appetite, check out her cool collaboration with ceramicist Shannon Garson (who I wrote about a few weeks ago here) - Swamp Cartography - research of the wallum swamps of South East Qld to produce a body of work illuminating this beautiful and fast disappearing ecosystem (supported by an Arts Queensland grant).

Images: Rebecca Ward Jewellery

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