28 October 2009

Hip Products: Keep Cup

You may have already seen this fantastic sustainable, resuable coffee cup, but I was so thrilled to find out that the Keep Cup is Australian-designed and manufactured!

Abagail and Jamie Forsyth are the talented duo behind this superb product design. As owners of a chain of coffee and catering outlets in Melbourne, they witnessed first-hand the incredible amount of waste that is generated from disposable takeaway coffee cups. According to the team, Australians use approximately 500 million disposable cups a year. We discard 1.36 million disposable cups a day into landfill - that's 57,000 disposable cups an hour or 951 disposable cups a minute. Crazy!

Destined to be an Australian design classic, the Keep Cup is both functional and cool. The three different cup sizes fit under cafe Espresso spouts and there are a range of colour-matching plugs and bands (that you can personalise) to choose from. All of the materials used in the KeepCup are BPA-free. For more info on the product, see the FAQ's.

You can find Keep Cup at the Keep Cup Online Store as well as these Australian authorised resellers. Why not send the Keep Cup product info to your employer to purchase cups for your whole team at work (like the National Australia Bank). And what a great Secret Santa gift.

Thanks Sara for the reminder to write about such a great Aussie-designed product.

Images: Keep Cup


  1. I love this idea. I have already vowed never to buy water in a plastic bottle again after reading the incredible pollution they have caused, especially floating in the North Pacific Ocean.

  2. Keep Cups are fantastic. I keep one in my desk drawer at work and one in the pram at home. They are lovely to drink out of and are particularly good when out and about as they aren't too hot to hold and the lid means you can keep your coffee safe. At such an affordable price they make great presents.

  3. Ooh, a "Keep-up-Cup"!

  4. I first saw these in Melbourne at a designer markets and they went like hotcakes! I bought one and went to america for three weeks with it and made sure the yanks knew about how genius us Australians are - must write up that blog posting :-)

  5. Hi Thea, Sophie and Teri - glad to see these keep cups getting some love.

    Oh Danielle - you are definitely a tastemaker. I think I first discovered them through you! Here's a shout-out to your cool-hunting prowess.

  6. I'm boatloads behind on my blogs so just saw this post. Man I have been looking for a stylish "to go" coffee cup forever! I refuse to buy from Starbucks because I'm not clear if their cups are BPA free. I am going to link over and see if I can order one here in the States. Great share Steph!


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