8 October 2009

Crafty: Scary Monster Mobile

The scary monster string lights from The Source in Melbourne make frequent magazine appearances in modern nurseries and are the perfect cool-but-not-too-cutesy addition for baby boys or girls.

Ours came to a sudden death from a visiting toddler who quite naturally felt the urge to tug on them, thereby breaking bulbs and short-circuiting the cable.

But fear not, the scary monsters were re-purposed into a cool mobile. Simply clip the felt puppet shades onto a mobile with clips (like this Kikkerland hanging photo mobile), and Bob's Your Uncle. Cool factor without looking the same as everyone else.

Images: Steph Bond

1 comment:

  1. how clever, they look fantastic, I never would have known they were lights before! I am right into monsters for little boys...
    H x


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