22 October 2009

Australian Christmas Tree Wall Decal Round-up

Last year we got a real Christmas tree (just a small one) in a pot, thinking - oh we'll have this for years and I don't have to cut a real tree down. And then the poor thing promptly died right after the big day and I felt terrible.

So this year I am looking around for a fun Christmas tree wall decal by a local designer that looks great, provides a Christmas-y feel to our house and won't die right after the 25th. Here's what I found from Australian designers on my searches:

This one tops the list for me; the decal is fabric and reusable. Very important for prying fingers. In fact, you can wash it in water and it retains its sticky back! Thanks to Echidna Place in Bangalow, NSW for the introduction to the wonderful world of Mae.
Price: Large 50cm x 65cm AUD $119.95
Price: Small 42cm x 27.5cm AUD $44.95
Buy From: Mae

Bosco Bear
Available in eight colour combinations.
Price: AUD $89.00
Buy From: Bosco Bear

For Walls
Price: AUD $39.95
Buy From: For Walls and Little Styles

Vinyl Wall Design
Price: AUD $45.00
Buy From: Vinyl Wall Design on Made It

Interior In Style
Price: AUD $89.00
Buy From: Interior In Style and Ekidna Kidswear

The Wall Sticker Company
The Delicate Tree, available in any colour from the colour chart.
Price: AUD $95.00
Buy From: The Wall Sticker Company

The Wall Sticker Company
Available in gold, red and grey
Price: AUD $85.00
Buy From: The Wall Sticker Company

Various colourways available
Price: AUD $45.00 (save 25%)
Buy From: Mooo.com.au

And look out for upcoming Christmas designs from Aussies My Munchkin Home. Let me know if there are any other Aussies out there making great Christmas or festive wall stickers.


  1. This is a fantastic idea... I reckon I like Mae's the best, but DAMMIT, they're all gorgeous. How many christmas trees can one house have?

  2. The love mae one is my favourite too!

  3. our real tree christmas tree died too (but about 6 months after the big day - total neglect!). i was so sad and upset.
    Mae have such sweet pieces, don't they, and cute styling too.

  4. Great idea! I've always hated the idea of cutting down trees too. At least it's not as bad here in Australia as it is in other places.

  5. These are fab - what a great idea, not a pine needle in sight!

  6. With a little one crawling by christmas I think this will be a super idea, no little hands trying to pull the tree down! Thanks for the great lineup. Janette x

  7. wow, i love all these wall decals & as per my rating priority than the second last from starting is the best one wall decals where a little child showing that with laughing moment . . Recycling Stickers thanks

  8. I love the interiorinstyle.com.au range of Christmas Trees - these guys lead the way i think with Christmas designs and getting creative with wall stickers for the home. Well done on bringing all of them together - love them all!!!!

  9. The Wall Sticker Decal Company's entry is brilliant, classy.

  10. great idea. I was stuck with what to do this year with a little man under 1 year who loves to pull down everything. now i just have to choose one!


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