1 October 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Kaili Art

Sassy Brisbane-based artist Kaili Ittensohn was featured on the decor8 blog recently as blog author Holly had just purchased one of her original artworks. Holly sees literally thousands of artworks on Etsy, so being purchased and shipped to Germany is no mean feat and speaks volumes for Kaili! I thought it was the kind of style that you guys would love as well - whimsical girls, sweet intentions, and a wonderful feel for colour.

I've really been enjoying looking through Kaili's art portfolio on Flickr, seeing how her style is evolving and consolidating over time. And here's the kicker - Kaili is an entirely self-taught artist! And she's only 25 years old. AND, she has two children. How's that for motivation.

You can find Kaili Art on Etsy and Ebay. Check out Kaili's videos on YouTube (this is one connected gal). And a big thanks Holly for bringing Kaili to our collective attention.

Images: Kaili Art


  1. Hi, I was so excited tonight when I saw Kailiart featured on your blog. I also found her on Decor8 and had a custom piece made. It arrived a couple of days ago an it is amazing. I detailed the process and have photos on my blog. Feel free to look at www.kmuphotography.com.au Kristin xxx

  2. Thanks Deb!
    Kristin - you are so lucky to have a Kaili original. Thank you so much for the link to your site; your photography is incredible and I'm sure Kaili is thrilled to have such a gorgeous record of her painting.


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