4 September 2009

Trends: Tissue Paper Flowers

Ava's bedroom from My NY Life.

Blue tissue paper flower pom pom instructions from Martha Stewart Crafts.

Harper's First Birthday party from Likely Design.

Charles and Nadia's wedding from OnceWed.

From Kiss The Groom.

Wedding table from Martha Stewart Weddings.

Back in the day, we all loved fairy lights for special events (weddings, kids parties, engagements, baby showers, birthdays etc). Then it was cool to use Chinese paper lanterns (still is!). Now bunting is huge. But could dahlia-like tissue paper flowers be overtaking as a decorating trend?

Great minds think alike, and in my web travels this week I noticed these gorgeous paper tissue flowers on quite a few of my favourite sites. I just did a quick search for them, and it looks like they have been gaining popularity for the last 12 months (perhaps not coincidentally after they were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings magazine).

According to Pink Paper Peppermints, these flowers are a traditional Mexican art form. You can find a feature on Martha Stewart Weddings and downloadable PDF instructions on Martha Stewart Crafts to make your own tissue paper pom-poms (and you could previously buy a tissue paper flower kit through the Martha Stewart Craft store). The tissue paper pomanders at this wedding ceremony are a very cost-effective and beautiful alternative to flowers. And Australian textile designer Danielle Stewart's wedding features gorgeous hanging poms. There is even the PomLove Etsy store dedicated to selling tissue paper flower kits.

I just love the look of these flowers and the upside is huge: you can pick exactly the colour you want, they never die, they don't need water, and you can make them yourself! I think I'm going to have to retire my paper lanterns and make some for Sophie's 2nd birthday next week. Have you made them yet?


  1. I love these flowers. =] I've got a couple of them hanging in my room for decoration, and whenever someone comes over they don't believe I made them myself because they just look so cool.

  2. I love these pom-poms!! I'm recommending all of them when I'm planning parties!! :) Plus they can be recycled - they're now hanging in Harper's room!

    Thanks for featuring my baby's party!! :)

    xo, Lindsay.

  3. I'm totally in love with these pom poms and i'm already up for the challenge to make a few for my sisters engagement party.

  4. I have made bunting and pom pom's for my daughters 2nd birthday in October! I think you are right - they are taking over :-)

  5. this IS a great idea. as you said - colourful, potentially DIY, and cheap. beautiful and festive. haven't seen them in practice yet, myself - but i would like to try it!

  6. These are sooo easy to make and create such an impact. I made a whole lot for Roxy's 4th birthday party last year and they looked fabulous. High returns for little effort... that's what we like!

  7. I'm so glad you all agree! So I made 3 poms for Sophie's birthday and they were a HUGE success! So so easy and really effective. Everyone loved them, especially my little one, and that's really all that counts.

  8. Tissue paper pom poms are so dreamy! I love them. Thanks for the photos!

  9. Tissue paper flowers have been gathering momentum as a decorating trend for the past 12 months. Are they here to stay?

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