7 October 2009

Stylish Kids: ScruffyDog shoes

Like many of us, I have a thing for kids shoes. So I was thrilled to be introduced to the super-cool Sydney-based ScruffyDog by my stylish friend Mellissa. Handmade with leather and quality materials, ScruffyDog shoes for children are both fashionable and functional.

I'll let the images above speak for themselves.

Oh, and ScruffyDog also has a fantastic recycling program called GreenNous:

"GreenNous is an initiative founded by the people at ScruffyDog with the aim of doing a little bit for the environment by recycling material that would otherwise likely be discarded. We encourage others to think about how the apparently useless stuff they come across on a daily basis might be reused or put to some good use and then turn those thoughts into action. It's all about green nous: commonsense recycling."

You can find ScruffyDog shoes at stockists across Australia and online. Now if only they came in Big Girl sizes!

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Images: ScruffyDog


  1. Aren't they gorgeous and so comfortable looking? I particularly love the red ones - maybe it is the fact that they are velcro and I wouldn't have to be bending my large pregnant body down all the time to put them on and take them off!
    Clare x

  2. These are gorgeous! Thanks for another fantastic find Steph!

  3. awww! I can see my cute nephew in those mustard sneakers!!

  4. Why can't I find adult shoes like those?


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