30 September 2009

Hip Products: Ben Elke Mexican oilcloth

When I lived in California I fell hard for Mexican folk art and started collecting El Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) figurines and artwork. There is something so joyous about the colours and images used in Mexican artwork - which is probably also why I am so drawn to the lovely Mexican oilcloth products created by Ben Elke.

Using oilcloth from Mexico, the team at Ben Elke create peg bags, aprons, placemats and (my favourite) lunch bags here in Australia and beach bags and tote bags in Mexico, using this vibrant, super-functional material. Waterproof and wipeable, oilcloth is great for the beach, the pool, kids school bags and the dining table. If you're feeling crafty, Ben Elke sells oilcloth by the metre, and there are some great oilcloth craft tutorials online (including these lunch bags by Martha Stewart).

You can find find Ben Elke oilcloth products and fabric at stockists across Australia listed on the Website as well as the whole range at the Me Too Please online store.

Images: Ben Elke


  1. I love mexican oilcloth too - I bought heaps of it when we were in Amsterdam, including a bike satchel thingy even though I don't have a bike ;)
    Their beach bags are brilliant.

  2. I have a love El Dia De Los Muertos figurines!! If you show me yours I'll show you mine! Lovely oilcloth!

  3. I love that mexican oilcloth too. I just bought some recently and started making zippered wet/dry pouches.

  4. Ooooh - I'd like a really colourful lunch bag!!! (even tho I work from home)!!??!! It would just be nice to look at I guess!

  5. Sara - right that's it; I'm putting in orders next time you go.
    Danielle - why of course! Maybe mine can go on a little holiday to your place. They've been put into hiding for a while as I felt like they needed a break.
    Christine - can't wait to see the pouches you make.
    Karen - I'm with you on that one.

  6. Hi steph, simply love your blog, always loads to look at and read. My credit card in is and out like a yoyo.

    I also would love to let you know that I also stock a large range of Mexican Oilcloth and Laminated Cotton oilcloth in my store, by the metre and also for crafts by the bundle.

    Catch up with you soon.

    Susie at
    I Just Love That Fabric xox

  7. Hi Susie, thanks so much for your kind words and also for sharing your info re: stocking oilcloth in your store. For all readers, Susie's I Just Love That Fabric website is: http://www.ijustlovethatfabric.com.au


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