10 September 2009

Events: Bundy on Tap

Here's an inspiring event that I hope can motivate us to expand to our own corners of the world. On the 26th September 2009, the town of Bundanoon in the NSW Southern Highlands (150km south west of Sydney) is launching Bundy on Tap - a program to remove the sale and giveaway of all bottled water from the town precinct.

The aim for Bundanoon residents is to become Australia's (and possibly the world's) First Bottled Water Free Town. The Bundy on Tap website goes into detail on the reasons for removing bottled water, but in summary, the residents of Bundanoon believe that when compared to most Australian tap water, the bottled water alternative is a very expensive beverage, with negligible, if any, additional health benefits. It also greatly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, precious water resource extraction and creates a huge solid waste problem.

Through the program, businesses will increase access to free water, making available for sale reusable drink bottles and chilled filtered tap water, whilst free filtered water stations (bubblers) will also be provided for the public and primary school children.

It's exciting to see the residents and businesses of a small town come together to effect change and really make a difference to their local and national environment. If you'd like to find out more about the event, check out the Bundy on Tap website.

Images: Bundy on Tap


  1. Sounds like a great idea. I have been avoiding buying tap water lately too. It is ridiculous when you think about it. I use a water filter jug.

  2. Hi Thea - it's really great to see this kind of grassroots activism; will be interesting to see how it goes.


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