22 September 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Kareena Zerefos

Kareena Zerefos is a much-loved Australian artist that I wanted to share with you today. Maybe it's because her soothing artwork is just what I need on this sweltering hot afternoon. Hopefully you've already seen Kareena's work as she is well published in all the cool spots, but if not, please let me introduce you.

Sydney-based Kareena has a background in design (she graduated from the College of Fine Arts in 2005) and now works with a variety of media, including pencil, gouache, tea and ink, and combines traditional drawing with contemporary digital graphic techniques. It's all very gorgeous, as you can see.

Kareena's work often features children exploring their surroundings and delicate-but-wild animals - both of which I find very compelling. And judging by the gorgeous piece of yardage that she designed for William Phillips; I'm sure that there is a lot more in store for us from this talented artist.

You can find Kareena's work in her online store where you will find limited edition art prints, posters and gift cards, as well as stockists in NSW, VIC and the UK. Read more about the behind-the-scenss in Kareena's art studio on her blog.

Images: Kareena Zerefos


  1. These works get the Furniture and Design Ideas seal of approval. She is certainly a great artist, isn't she?


  2. I love that Kareena's illustrations are so delicate. It's a nice change from all the bold graphic work that's around... which I love equally as much!

  3. oh my all time favourite illustrator ever. oh sigh. her work is too beautiful!!

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  4. Lisa and Alischa - and how great to have the seal of approval from two tastemakers like you guys!


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