24 August 2009

Welcome New Sponsor: Onesies

My husband was very excited when he first discovered onesies for babies. Why don't they make these for grownups? was his first question. Snuggly all-in-one baby outfits are the name of the game for new Bondville sponsor and online store, Onesies.

You'll find a great range of layettes/onesies for babies including premmie sizes and organic material from great brands including bebe, monstar, gaia, eeni meeni miini moh, ouch, pure baby, and infancy. Onesies include short and full-length sleeves and legs for sleeping, playing and everyday use. Some of my favourite pieces include:

1. Top left: Fig crossover onesie
2. Top right: Monstar owl print onesie
3. Bottom left: Hamb 'snippy' onesie
4. Bottom right: Fig bright green sleeper (currently on sale)

Please stop by the Onesies online store and check out the fabulous range, and let Alice know that I sent you.

Images: Onesies


  1. Super cute! Love the crossover onesie.

  2. I agree with your hubby! Why don't they make them for big people!!! I'd love the long leg, long sleeve (for next winter).
    They are really cute!
    Cheers, Karen

  3. Hi Kim and Karen, I'd like one for big people too. Although I can't quite imagine dealing with snaps for the midnight loo run...


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