25 August 2009

Stylish Kids: Bettsy Kingston girls clothes

One of the highlights of a recent trip to Nesting Bird Interiors was discovering the divine frilly knickers for babies from Brisbane designer Bettsy Kingston. Benita chose the name of the label in honour of the domestic goddess whose inherited sewing patterns sparked her creativity and inspired her favourite creation - the ruffled baby pants.

Apart from the diaper/nappy covers, you'll also find a range of pinnies, dresses, skirts and matching ruffled brooches in delicious colours and fabrics from size 000 to 2. I'm so taken with the whole range and almost wish my daughter would stay this age forever so I can dress her top-to-toe in Bettsy Kingston.

You can find Bettsy Kingston in the Bettsy Kingston Etsy store online. For the clever clogs, Benita also offers sewing patterns of her products in her Etsy sewing store. Check out the Bettsy Kingston blog for all the latest news behind the label including giveaways and tutorials.


  1. These baby ruffle baby pants are a delight!

  2. In the post today I received my beautiful ruffle pants by Bettsy Kingston (Picnc Adore) and they are just so beautiful!! The combination of fabric is just divine and they are so well made. Thanks Benita! My neice is going to be the talk of the town!!

  3. Thanks Girls! I've been making ruffle pants for a couple of years now and still enjoy it. Big thanks to Steph for blogging, its always nice to see someone love something you do.

  4. yes they are seriously cute little knickers! I saw them for the first time last week and haven't stopped thinking about them!!! adorable!


  5. Hi Sandrine, Megan and Corrie - so great to see that Bettsy Kingston has so many fans.

    Benita - of course you are so very welcome.

  6. These are sooo adorable! I can't believe how much I love girly baby clothes after having a girl - I swore I would stay away from the pink and ruffles but I LOVE this and can't help myself!! :)

  7. Just adding my two cents into the chorus of voices singing the praises of Benita's gorgeous ruffle pants. I've had some for Kate which I LOVED. Unfortunately she's now out of nappies...*sniff sniff*. BUT I was lucky enough to be a 'tester' for one of the Bettsy Kingston 'Make Your Own' patterns for an adult pair of frilly knickers. So now I own my very own adult sized pair of Bettsy Kingston frillies!!!! And I dare anyone to wear knickers like this and not do a bit of salsa butt wiggling in the mirror...sorry that was probably too much information there...lol...

  8. Hi Lindsay - I'm with you there. My little one has just starting demanding to wear a "dancing dress" every day, so I think if I rebrand these "dancing knickers" then I am in like Flynn.

    Bec - that's the kind of too much information that I love! Great to have such a lovefest for Benita.


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