10 August 2009

Sound Revolution art by Shuxin Liang

Based in Melbourne (and originally from Southern China), Shuxin Liang of Sooooound is an exciting freelance artist with a love of nature, birds and their songs and an interest in showing sound through a visual medium.

Shuxin Liang is inspired by the relationship between nature and the urban environment (both harmonious and conflicting). I'm drawn to the combination of detailed ink animals with washes of colour in a collage-style layout. Shuxin Liang's work is both very modern and has a timeless quality - I'm reminded of botanical drawings by the early explorers brought smack bang into 2009.

You can find work by Shuxin Liang at the Sooooound Etsy store and galleries online including Udessi. Check out the Sooooound Revolution blog for behind-the-scene details.

Images: Top: "Never Too Late" by Shuxin Liang, styled and photographed by Udessi, Middle: Shuxin Liang, Bottom: Shuxin Liang.


  1. Love'em - you always find great things! I think my favorite is the bird with the crown, so bright and cheerful! Melbourne seems to be the place to be at the mo - lots of nice things coming out of that city.

  2. Cool find! I love the bird with the crown too :)

  3. Why thank you Deb and Jade. Definitely a lot of creative souls in Melbourne.

  4. I love Shuxin's work... I'm often over at Udessi poised to click on "buy now". I haven't bought one yet, but it's high on my wishlist.

  5. Hi Lisa - the trouble is choosing one! They're all so magical.

  6. Hi Steph...I am very happy can feature my artwork in your blog, they are so lovely. thanks so much.


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