28 August 2009

Hip Products: OEKE umbrellas for beach and home

I love stories about products created to fulfill a need - usually a personal one - that then take off in the marketplace. I was really pleased to hear from Linda Di-Giusto, the designer and entrepreneur behind OEKE market umbrellas, and learn more about the story behind the gorgeous designs.

While sitting by the pool under her newly purchased beach/market umbrella, the hand of fate had its way, and a gust of wind blew the umbrella over and ripped the canopy. Rather than fork out for a whole new umbrella, Linda took matters into her own hands and designed her own canopy.

Now based in Wallington, VIC, Linda develops original fabric designs which are screeprinted onto quality aluminium market umbrellas as well as used to create co-ordinating cushions and table runners. Through OEKE, she is dedicated to transforming outdoor living one space at a time with colourful, bold and super-stylish designs.

You can find OEKE umbrellas on the OEKE website (available now, with cushions and other matching accessories arriving in the next new months).

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  1. Wow - never seen anything like this before. Very clean and modern looking.

  2. Wow. Can I get those in the states! I really love them, I have hard time finding anything so perfect for my back yard around here.

  3. Love this idea. Maybe Linda could do a range of beach umbrella/tents too - it would be so much easier to find your own towel amongst the large number of identical Freedom umbrellas and how classy would you look!
    Clare x

  4. Hi Deb, Alina and Clare - glad you guys like these umbrellas. I want one!

  5. these umbrellas are just gorgeous, we had the pleasure of meeting Linda just this week. She is just as gorgeous as her umbrellas! she has taken on the graphic design side of our up coming website. www.plainfrockingjane.com.au
    If it is anything like her umbrellas, it will be truely fabulous!!

  6. Hi 5 star, can't wait to see your finished design; I bet it's fab.


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