26 August 2009

Hip Products: Cloth Fabric textiles and homewares

One of Australia's more established textile designers is Julie Paterson of Cloth Fabric. With her team of 5, Julie hand-screenprints textiles that are used for upholstery and soft furnishings in residential and commercial interiors.

Cloth has a huge range of textiles to let your imagination run wild. I particularly like the Australian flora designs (check out the placemats - what a great gift for overseas friends and family). And if you are the ready-to-buy type, there is a whole collection of homewares including cushions, lampshades, table linen, rugs, clothing, bags, piece goods and creatures.

I was especially excited to find the image above featuring the "stoney" cushion designs. I had seen the painting backdrop in a Real Living magazine years ago and been in love with it ever since; and here it is!

You can find Cloth fabric and products on the Cloth website, in the showroom in Surry Hills, Sydney, as well as at stockists in Australia, Asia and New Zealand.

Images: top: Cloth Fabric; middle: Artery Store; bottom: Artery Store


  1. These fabrics and designs are great! I especially like the stone one, nice and bold. I've just had a look at their site, and the rugs are striking too. Fab colours with a strong personality;

  2. i seriously need some new cushion covers... this has given me ideas.
    (steph! i have a new address - www.shutterandink.blogspot.com - i haven't been around at all over the last couple of months, but i've revamped. i would love it if you would take a moment to check me out! thank you!)

  3. I LOVE their fabric & products so much!

  4. Ah - one of my all time favorites - I've been following Julie's work for such a long time! She's done great work with coffee bean sacks as well (last year maybe)!

  5. Hi Deb and the 2 Dan's - I'm flattered you think so as all 3 of you have wonderful design eyes.

    Emjay - LOVE the revamp!

  6. Julie is without a doubt my favourite textile designer. I'm a bit of a Cloth fanatic - I have quite a few items of furniture and cushions covered in their fabric. (The cushions are that neutral stone design.) Plus more than enough in my fabric stash too! I can't get enough of it.

  7. Lisa I am jealous. I have so many cushions on rotation it's ridiculous, and still I want to add those stone pieces to my collection.


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