3 August 2009

Cool Websites: One Blue Wren photography blog

Another thing I love about the ABCD meet-ups is meeting talented folks that I haven't come across before. One of those on Thursday night was the very clever Ashley; a Brisbane-based graphic designer and photographer who authors a lovely blog called One Blue Wren.

Ashley manages to capture light in her images in a way that I could never imagine. One Blue Wren is a collection of adventures, stories and memories that lure me into a dreamy state. I think you'll like it too. Get read to be wowed by the beautiful portraits of Ashley's friend Alarna on the site.

If you'd like to find out more about Ashley, check out her website, Flickr, and blog One Blue Wren, as well as her collaboration with her friend Leah - The Light Collectors. You can also purchase prints of her beautiful photography on Etsy.

Images: One Blue Wren on Etsy


  1. Oh beautiful! Thanks Steph for the reminder... I visited One Blue Wren some time ago, but it's slipped off my radar.

  2. Hi Lisa, glad to be a reminder for you. There's something really special about Ashley's work.

  3. great site! thanks for the heads up!!

  4. Hi MaryBeth; you're welcome. And I've been finding lots of lovely things on your site too.


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