28 July 2009

Hip Products: Kuber recycled tin decorations

Here's something a little different for the home. Graphic Designer Em from Brisbane uses old metals and plaster to create cool mobiles and decorations for interiors. Her Etsy store Kuber stocks tin "beastie" animals and letters cut from plaster (as well as wire and paper baskets from time to time).

I love the natural corrosion of the tin, making each piece unique. And those beasties are full of character. It's also great to see another local artist using material that is no longer useful for its original purpose - the ultimate in recycling. In fact, most materials used in Em's products have had a previous life. The beasties are made from old flattened corrugated iron, which used to be on top of her chicken coop.

You can find Kuber beasties, letters and baskets in the Kuber Etsy Store. Check out the Kuber blog for behind-the-scenes details and new designs.

Images: Kuber


  1. That's pretty cool and it saves it from rusting in the trash.

  2. Hey Pixelhazard and Alia E. - cool huh! I'm trying to think of an excuse to pick up the fish mobile. I bet they tinkle nicely in the wind.


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