13 July 2009

Hip Products: Kenji Uranishi ceramics

I've really enjoyed looking through the dreamy collection of Japanese ceramics artist Kenji Uranishi who has been based in Brisbane since 2004. Kenji has such a delicate touch - the use of super-soft colour, sweet images and lines drawn so lightly on his pieces, and the intricate detail in his honeycomb-like work.

Kenji also collaborates with Mel Robson (see profile here) on Sandwich Mountain and the adventures of the Little People - a fantastic collection of miniature figurines that are photographed as they adventure across the Australian countryside (and the world!).

Lucky you if you are in Sydney in the next month - Kenji will have a solo exhibition at the Helen Stephens Gallery from 15th July until 12th August, 2009. You can also view Kenji's work (along with other talented ceramicists) as part of the Australian Ceramics Trienniale 2009 at Object gallery in Sydney from 11th to 28th July, 2009 (where you will also find a collection of Kenji and Mel's Little People).

You can find Kenji Uranishi ceramics at the Queensland Art Gallery store (Brisbane), Artisan (Brisbane), Object (Sydney), Helen Stephens Gallery and All Hand Made (Sydney), Craft Victoria (Melbourne), Five Boroughs (Melbourne), Pomme (Mornington Peninsula VIC) and Antipodes Gallery (Sorrento Vic).

Keep an eye out on Kenji's blog Kamenendo for new designs and exhibition details.

Images: Kenji Uranishi


  1. These look so delicate. I'll be in sydney in early august. amsy just have to have a squizz

  2. I'm just enjoying browsing and trying to figure out if these things are meant to do anything or just be lovely. Either way they are hooray!

  3. I love Kenji's work - so delicate!

  4. Hi Pretapawte, pixelhazard and Nicole - so glad you like Kenji's work. I think they are just meant to be lovely, although the pour series look like they would be great for milk/liquids or a vase.


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