27 July 2009

Drool-worthy Design: Printspace art and stationery

Artists and graphic designers Mara and Nicholas Girling love mid-century design. And I do too - so I was really drawn to their wonderful prints and and stationery under the Printspace label. You'll find quirky, whimsical birds and characters combining hand drawn elements, digital art and collage.

The couple are inspired by their sons, textiles and of course the modernist era. I really can't pick a favourite from their collection - I would fill my walls if I could! Artwork is available as prints produced on archival art paper and one of the coolest new trends (in my opinion), printable stationery PDF's.

You can find all Printspace artwork online at the Printspace online store, on Etsy (downloadable PDF stationery here, Mara's prints here and Nicholas' prints here) and at stockists in Melbourne, Sydney and the United Kingdom (Perth and Adelaide coming soon). For lots of inspiring art and design, check out Mara's thoughts on the Printspace blog and Nicholas' thoughts on the Otispepper blog.

Images: Printspace


  1. Hello Stranger, thought I would pop in and say HI!

    I started a new blog a while ago, would love to get hear your thoughts on the new setup.

    I am totally in love with those prints, I want one for my photo wall.

  2. Thanks for sharing - these look fab. I'm going to check out those links!

  3. Very cool, and so inspiring! I too am a big fan of the printable pdf stationery.

  4. I love the idea of printable stationery, I really could have used those bday invites last week.. super cute!

  5. I like your modern artwork it would look good in a house .

  6. So lovely! I can see the mid-century influence in the graphic simplicity of their work. It was such an inspirational era of design. Great find Steph.

  7. I'm really glad that Printspace has struck a chord!

    Danielle - hello! New blog looks fab - colours and style are great great great.

    Lisa - thank you! (as always)

    Kickcan, Pretty Neat, Alia E, Dolls Like Us - I know that Mara and Nicholas really appreciate your comments; it's great to know that people like your work.

  8. I like the design because of its colours and style. I guess the design will truly like by children.


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