23 July 2009

Drool-worthy Design: KatyJane Design stationery

Thank you Jane for letting me know about your fabulous new stationery line! Jane and Katy, two friends who met in Perth with complimentary skills and a shared vision, have collaborated on personalised children's invitations and stationery under the label KatyJane Designs.

Featuring a very now mix of modern and vintage styles, the stationery range includes party invitations, gift and thank you tags, ribbons, party bags, and seasonal cards (with off-the-shelf invitation packs, baby announcements and designs for grown-ups coming soon).

And with baby names like Rose, Grace, Isabella, Oliver, Ruby, Ava, Benjamin and Thomas currently topping the charts, these designs that hark back to another era seem particularly appropriate. You can even choose a range of products in a coordinating design for a seamless look.

You can find KatyJane Designs in the online store as well as at stockists (coming soon).

Images: KatyJane Designs.


  1. The vintage influence will get me in every time. They're lovely and unique too.

  2. wowzie these are soooooo cool!!!! i wonder what she could whip up for Wolfie!!!!

  3. Hi Lisa, Kim and Alex - glad you guys think these are cool. Lisa, I love your vintage kids' book collection. I have to admit that I Have a few books from my childhood that I've kept out of Sophie's reach and are for my eyes only. Definitely when she's out of her page-ripping stage.

  4. This is so great! thanks so much for featuring a paper artist! As one myself, it means a lot when people like our work. I've just started a new line of handmade envelopes and cards from vintage children's books.

  5. Hi Megan - your new line sounds great; looking forward to checking it out.

  6. Wow, these invites are great too. At least I have lots of options for next year now.


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