14 July 2009

Cool Websites: Swish and Swanky

In celebration of the talented group of bloggers we have in Australia, I've been profiling some of the bloggers you need to know. With such a growth in new bloggers and writers out there, I think it's important that we support and enjoy our homegrown talent. Today I'd like to introduce you to Amanda Lonsdale from Swish and Swanky.

Based in Queensland, Amanda has rocked the international design world with her swish and swanky fabulous finds for the home. She has a fabulous eye and her blog will keep you right up to date with the interior design world. I also love to peak into Amanda's world a little, with glimpses of her daughter's bedroom, gifts she has bought for friends, and other little life inspirations that are important to her.

Pop along and say hi to Amanda at Swish and Swanky.

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Images: Swish and Swanky


  1. I love Amanda's blog, a daily read for me! And she always seems to find such fabulous things on ebay too!


  2. Amanda is just wonderful!

  3. Really enjoyed finding this blog. Love the black and white post.

  4. Hi Rachael, Kathryn and Anon - glad to have struck a chord!


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