21 July 2009

Cool Websites: BloesemKids

Wow. I'm really honoured to be featured on Irene Hoof's wonderful website BloesemKids. Bloesem and BloesemKids are two of my favourite design-oriented sites - full of exciting new finds and beautifully curated by Irene.

Irene is based in the Malaysia, although originally from the Netherlands, and has started a new column on BloesemKids called Mom Story. She is profiling Moms around the world and what their daily life is like. So interesting! Please take the time to stop by and let Irene know what a great job she is doing.

And thank you so much Irene for your interest in Bondville and living in Australia. And also a huge welcome to everyone visiting from BloesemKids - you are welcome back anytime.

Image: BloesemKids


  1. This was a beautiful story about you. I loved reading your side of Brisbane, and learning a little more about your days and your experiences.
    And sweet sweet photos of you + little one, too.
    hope you are well, and taking care.
    - E xxx

  2. Oh I saw that Steph!! It's just taken me a couple of days to pop in here and say how much I enjoyed reading the the piece and seeing your photos. Just lovely - congrats.

  3. congratulations!!!! that is so amazing!

  4. Thanks Alex, Lisa and Ellie - I was really thrilled to participate. I'm a real Bloesem groupie, so it was a little like going backstage at your fave rockstar's concert!


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