6 July 2009

BrisStyle Markets round-up

Crowds in front of the Ruby 2 Go Go stall at the BrisStyle markets.

Beautifully handcrafted bears from Edward & Lily.

Break-your-heart dolls from Made By Maisie.

I loved all the brooches from Edward & Lily (and scored the green squirrel for me!)

Stunning handprinted make-up bags/purses from Red Seed Studio.

Hand-sawn buttons from recycled skateboard decks by Sam, one half of Red Seed Studio.

The crowds packed in to the hall and surrounded the stalls - here is Casey from Prettyhead Designs with the accessory du jour - brooches.

Beautiful critter brooches made from vintage storybooks by ReRead. I picked up a feline brooch for my sister in Vancouver.

How cute is this top that I picked up for Sophie from Jetta's Nest! Sam creates sweet faces and uses recycled fabrics for her appliqued children's clothes.

Sunshiney crochet and button brooches from Jetta's Nest set the tone for the market - beautifully handcrafted.

The crowds were out in force and I had a stroller with me, which means I didn't get to see many stalls at the hugely successful BrisStyle markets this weekend. But I did get to visit some of my favourite local designers and meet some new ones too.

The BrisStyle markets are organised by the BrisStyle Etsy team (and led by Helen from Ruby 2 Go Go who did an amazing job) and feature a host of hard-working independent Queensland designers. This was the second market for the group and it elbow-to-elbow inside the hall (and the cupcakes had sold out within an hour!). It was heartening to see Brisbanites come out in droves on a chilly morning to support handmade.

I did a little shopping of my own - I picked up an amazing top for Sophie from Jetta's Nest and the coolest chenille pants from Bubba Chenille, a brooch from ReRead for my sister and a killer Edward & Lily squirrel brooch for me. I managed to wave at Bec and Jade from Beckybean, and say hi to Christine from Little Diva, Helen from Ruby 2 Go Go, and Ellie from Red Seed Studio (who had the most incredible buttons hand-sawn from used skateboard decks), and meet the very lovely and talented Catherine from Made By Maisie (whose exquisite dolls captured my heart) and Casey from Prettyhead Designs with her super-professional felt brooches.

It was a fantastic turnout for a great event and I really look forward to the next one (Christmas holidays, Helen?)

Images: Steph Bond


  1. Thanks for the mention Steph, It was a great day wasn't it? So many super talented people..

  2. And what a great day it was - thanks for saying hi. Unfortunately I didn't get out to see many stalls outside but I love those buttons!!

    Casey from Prettyhead Designs only had three of her gorgeous brooches left at the end of the day - lucky I got in early! Christine xo

  3. Hi Steph, thanks for the mention and I'm so glad you love the little top!

    See you soon


  4. Hi Miriam, Christine and Sam - you are so welcome; great to hear that everyone did so well (go Casey!) and looking forward to the next one.

  5. Steph I have Some Red Seed Studio Fabric. I love her fabric and it's just so yummy!! Saw the pic on FB then had to come past here. It's been a while. Wish I was in Bris for the event!!! Is there a Syd equivalent just as fantastic? hmmm...

    xo Steph

  6. Thanks Steph. I can't wait to see the owls set up on her stall - they're making their debut at the Boutique Markets on Sunday.

  7. Oh Steph, what a wonderful post!! Glad you had a nice time at the market, and looks like you scored some really wonderful treasures!!!
    XX Bec

  8. Hi Steph, Very good post.Hopefully next market I will have a helper and will be able to do more shopping myself too! ;)

  9. Steph - can't wait to see what you do with the Red Seed Studio fabric. You've just missed the Magnolia Square markets in Sydney, but Mathilda's Markets are coming up - lots of great kids stuff.

    Christine, Bec and Sandrine - thank you! Just wish I could have visited more stalls. I see Dec 5th 2009 is the date for the next market so I might enlist a babysitter so I can check out everything hands-free.

  10. Thanks for the mention and the pic Steph! I must say that for my first market I was ecstatic with the result! With the profit I made I went to the quilting shop and got some lovely material and felt.....and I have just finished my new prototype....will keep you posted on what it is ;) Casey

  11. Hi Steph - thanks so much for the fabulous post XOX It was great to see you and look forward to catching up at the next Brisbane ABCD meet!

    Such a joy to read everyone's reports and re-live the excitement ans success of everyone's day!


  12. Hi Casey - so thrilled that everyone loved your work!

    Hi Helen - lovely to see you as always, and thank you for your kind words.


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