8 July 2009

Australian Artist Spotlight: Fiona Kennedy Altoft

Earlier this year I was excited to discover artist Fiona Kennedy Altoft on my daily drive through Paddington to the grocery store. I couldn't stop looking at the dog on a scooter peering out from the Robyn Bauer Gallery window, begging me to come and visit. And so I fell in love with Fiona's work (and her hilarious dogs).

Fiona is a Gold Coast artist and art educator. You'll find a mix of subjects in Fiona's archives that I think many of us can really relate to in modern Australia - football, dogs, families and friendships. I love the carefree feelings that her images provoke, celebrating happy times, as a child, on the sporting field, and amongst family.

Fiona also makes ceramic jewellery and you can find details of the jewellery, artwork, upcoming exhibitions and Fiona's gallery representation on the website.

If you are interested in more about Fiona, there is a great interview by Natalie on Daily Imprint and a fun article in The Courier-Mail that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Images: 'I go faster in my new volleys' and 'Show us ya muscles' by Fiona Kennedy Altoft

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