16 June 2009

Tagged: Things About Me

I've been tagged by the lovely Sarah from Hardaker and Pope to share some more things about me. I'm touched to be tagged - thank you Sarah! And I pass this tag on to: Danielle from Craft Labratory (who has put together a really nice overview of the Melbourne Design Market), Maaret from Visual Notes, The Cottage Cheese, Alischa from Bespoke Letterpress Boutique, Bec from Beckybean.

Simply answer the questions below, and if you like, replace a question with one you have made up. Here goes:

Q whats your favourite colour?
A I can't say I have a "favourite", but red seems to be my standby although I've gone all blue (pale and turquoise) in the bedroom this year. It's probably some kind of pinky-orangey-red.

Q whats your favourite clothing in your wardrobe?
A Jeans.

Q whats your dream job?
A Something I can do with Sophie at home that has a creative element and helps people. I'm pretty close at the moment with my web publishing, but to be a dream job it would have to pay the bills!

Q whats the last thing you bought?
A Some Thea & Sami fabric and elastic to make Sophie a sassy little skirt.

Q what are you listening to right now?
A Birds in the trees and construction on the enormous house behind us.

Q whats your favourite ice cream?
A Very, very hard choice - probably some kind of nut with chocolate. Almond or hazelnut are tops.

Q whats your favourite fruit?
A Passionfruit. Then stone fruits and berries.

what inspires you?
A Sunshine, light, nature, helping people out, new ideas, creating something.

Q whats on the walls of your bedroom?
A A collection of white frames with wedding and family photos and lots of blue artwork (fabric, cards, calendar pages, prints, photos).

Q who is your favourite artist?
A Rebecca Cool - a WA-based artist with an amazing naive style who currently uses vintage fabric as a starting point in her artwork.

Image: Rebecca Cool

Q do you admire anyone's style?
A I think back to people I have known who are really in touch with what colours look good on them. They don't give into whims (or hide behind black) and just stick with shades that make them glow.

Q describe your personal style?
A Casual and easy. It's not often that I wear heels or much makeup, or much jewellery for that matter. But I do like to add something quirky to anything I wear. Maybe it's a cool hat, or a fluffy vest, or a diamante brooch, or a contrasting bag.

Q what language would you like to learn?
A Spanish. I have to keep up with Dora the Explorer! And I'd love to spend some time in Spanish-speaking countries.

Q what is your favourite quote (for now)
A "What a wonderful bird the frog are. When it stands it sit almost. When it hops it fly almost. It ain't got no sense hardly. It ain't got no tail hardly either. When it sits, it sits on what it ain't got almost." - anonymous.

Q what is your favourite magazine?
A Delicious, Frankie, and then any home shelter magazine. (I have different favourites all the time).

Q if you had $100 what would you spend it on?
A I'd put it towards a designer to come up with a fabulous design for my new project (stay tuned).

Q What is your current obsession?
A Masterchef. I'm really inspired to put more into my domestic cooking, and have started actually tasting my food while I cook (I can't believe that I never did that before).

Q what are you wearing today
A Skinny jeans, converse (sorry fair trade folks, when they wear out I'll get something more ethical), stripey burgundy long-sleeved top with long grey sweater-vest on top.

Q whats for dinner?
A Tacos! Soft tacos, seasoned mince and onions, coriander/cilantro, fresh lime, truss tomatoes, grated cheese, a little lettuce, salsa and a spot of Crystal hot sauce.

Q what would you eat for your last meal?
A Dungeness Crab, roasted and stirfried in garlic.

Q what do you think of the person who tagged you?
A Sarah has such a lovely eye for beauty and a genuine warmth. She's encouraging, a good soul and someone I'd like to get to know better.

Q if you could have a house paid for and furnished anywhere in the world what/where would it be?
A A light-filled modern home with huge deck and combined indoor/outdoor living areas. Built from sustainable timber and designed to fit the environment (with as many eco-friendly elements as possible). Views of native forest and surrounded by wildlife and birdlife. Anywhere on the Australian East Coast or northern California, but can't get too cold. And nearby access to good quality food.

Q if you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour where would it be?
A To San Francisco to catch up with some friends and check out how much has changed in 6 years.

Q what are you going to do after this?
A Write a blog post on Bondville and reply to lots of emails.

Q what are your favourite movies?
A Happy movies and anything quirky - The Life Aquatic, The Darjeeling Limited, Little Miss Sunshine, etc.

Image: EW

whats your favourite book?
A I think cookbooks - they are always inspiring no matter how many times I have opened them.

Q do you collect something?
A I have a very small collection of demitasse cups, but no - not really. I'd like to purge more rather than collect more.

Q What is your pet peeve?
A People throwing cigarette butts on the ground. It's part of the ritual that drives me crazy as butts are clogging our waterways and take an incredibly long time to degrade. I've seen people throw their garbage in a bin and then stub their butt out on the ground right next to it!!! Crazy!!!

Q whats the most important rule for life?
A Respect yourself, respect those around you, and respect your environment.


  1. I love getting to know more about you, Steph. I can't believe that the last thing you bought was my fabric. Yay! Did you see the red fabric we just covered our vintage armchairs with? See blog.

  2. This is a lovely list of questions - and what great answers. Enjoying learning more about you, even little little bits here and there.
    Take care, enjoy these sunny days and happy smiles with Sophie.
    Hope to catch up soon.
    E xxxx

  3. Thank you so much Thea and Ellie. And yes, Thea, those red armchairs are incredible!!! Hope to see you soon too Ellie (maybe Brown Owls this weekend?)

  4. This was a great read Steph!! Thanks so much for tagging me - I hope my answers are even half as interesting as yours :)


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