24 June 2009

Hip Products: Sharon Muir ceramics

While stopping in at KILN Gallery a few weeks ago during the Paddington Art Walk, I noticed the beautiful work of ceramicist Sharon Muir. Sharon is another artist who has managed to maintain a strong body of exhibiting artwork, as well as producing ceramics for a commercial audience.

These bird vessels are so delicate and could have a myriad of uses. I particularly love the pink and blue "baby bird" pieces with silver heart at the bird's neck that can be engraved with the recipients initials. Darling.

You can find Sharon's work at stockists around Australia and New Zealand including KickArts online.

Images: Sharon Muir


  1. They are so beautiful, thanks for sharing...

  2. Hi Katy, thanks and thank you for stopping by; your crocheted bead bracelet is so cool and great to see you have the tutorial on your site!

  3. These are ADORABLE!! Leave it to you Steph to show me something awesome! How are you??

  4. Beautiful, I love the simplicity!

  5. Alex you make me blush! All very well here; nice to have a 27 degree day in the middle of winter!

    Mooce Baby - I'm so glad you like them. Sweet and lovely.


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