10 July 2009

Hip Products: Liana Kabel jewellery

Behold innovative, recycled pieces-to-turn-heads from contemporary jewellery Queen Liana Kabel.

No household product is left unexplored as Brisbane-based Liana creates a large range of jewellery (including necklaces, bracelets, pins, rings, and earrings) using old knitting needles, Tupperware containers, and all manner of unwanted plastic.

Liana's pieces are truly unique and so hipster-pop culture. Pieces are created with a true artist's hand with great attention to detail. It's so great to see such strong, exciting pieces in the upcycling movement that pushes us further to consider how we are affecting our environment when we purchase. Jewellery made from recycled plastic gets a big tick from me.

Liana Kabel jewellery is available from Liana's Etsy store and stockists across Australia, NZ, the UK and USA as well as online (check the website for details). You can also find out more about new designs from Liana's blog Plastic Girl. You can join Liana's Facebook Fan Page here.

Images: Liana Kabel


  1. I really want some of those knitting needle bangles. I've tried to make some and I just can't get them to work properly....must mean I need to buy them!


  2. So wonderful to discover your site and see some of my favourite jewellers represented - lovely Liana Kabel and the fabulous Finchbirds!!!
    all the best

  3. Sam I think that is definitely a sign.

    Mel - thank you! And so lovely to have you stop by.


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