22 June 2009

Hip Products: Hot Toffee jewellery

If you like your jewellery to remind you of lollies and sugary goodness, then check out this fun range from Brisbane jeweller and Bondville reader, Nicole from Hot Toffee. After living in Japan for six years, where she learned how to make Togei (pottery), Shodou (Japanese calligraphy), Ikebana (flower arranging) and kiln-fired glass accessories, Nicole returned to Australia and launched her first range.

Inspired by all things sweet, Japanese art and design and Australian beaches, Hot Toffee jewellery are mini pieces of wearable art. To tempt you even more, Nicole's pieces have enticing names like orange and lime drops, mint and strawberry sorbet, and burnt toffee apple. The current range includes earrings, pendants, hair pins, pocket mirrors, magnets, badges, cards and totally delicious cufflinks. (I'm a huge fan of cool cufflinks).

You can find Hot Toffee jewellery from Nicole directly, on Etsy, as well as stockists across Australia and markets around Brisbane. Find out more about Hot Toffee and upcoming markets on the blog Bits of Toffee.

Images: Hot Toffee


  1. I love the names and you can definitely see the influence of Japan in her creations. Love it – will have to do some online shopping : )
    Steph, I really enjoy reading your blog by the way !!!

  2. Oooh, Nicole's jewellery is just divine, and her workmanship is really incredible too (can you tell I'm a fan! :P) XX Bec

  3. Nicole's work is stunning and always so beautifully displayed - I am a bit of a fan also!

  4. I agree Nicole's work is divine. Great workmanship as Bec mentioned and just an all round loveliness to it reflecting Nicole's personality.

    I purchased the most amazing ocean colourd earrings for my Goddaughters 21st and they arrived in no time - beautifully packaged with one of Nicole's signature cards. As you can imagine they were the perfect 21st present - much loved.

    Thanks once again, Steph for the great write up.


  5. ...and that one should have come from Helen @Ruby 2 Go Go!

    Wearing too many (handmade) hats today!


  6. Thanks Petra!

    Bec, Alarna and Helen - so glad to see that Nicole has lots of fans for her jujube delights.

  7. Hi Steph - So glad to read your lovely post on Nicole's work. I was lucky enough to be one of the first in Brisbane to stock her work (she actually went to the trouble of creating fused glass handbag pendants to match my theme which were just devine!). Now I am lucky enough to have her as a dear friend who is always ready to share a laugh or a tear in the exciting and daunting world of running our own businesses.

  8. Thankyou so much for the feature Steph - I love your blog and am so happy to be featured on it :)
    To the sweet souls who've made such lovely comments - thankyou


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