8 June 2009

Hip Products: Fukutoshi Ueno Dress-Code stools

Holy cow. Thanks to talented designer Nicole from Hot Toffee, I found these amazing Dress-Code stools by Fukutoshi Ueno. Based in Brisbane for the last 16 years, Toshi is inspired by the concept of bringing Nature indoors to connect more closely with it.

Produced in three fantastic designs, (Botan, Tsubaki and Kiku), the Dress-Code stool was designed in collaboration with Akira Isogawa. The stool is inspired by Toshi's Japanese heritage - partly by the fine art of the tea ceremony and partly by the lesser known incense ceremony. This ceremony, dating back to the 9th century, evokes the romantic story of nobleman Hikaru Genji. Genji had many lovers and different symbols to signify each lover. These symbols were printed on individual incense boxes and Toshi has used these symbols as the basis of his design, fleshed out into three dimensional pieces.

Expertly handcrafted using heirloom woods such as rosewood and teak, Toshi's pieces are made for longevity with the intention of passing from generation to generation. I would adore a Dress-Code piece for our living room, or as a bedside table, or a special piece for a nursery.

If you would like to know a little more about Toshi, you can find a great interview with him on the Living Edge blog.

Update 13th June 2009: Dress-Code stools are now available from Living Edge (although I don't see them on the website yet) or you can order from Toshi directly. There are now 2 collections available: the Premier Collection, made from solid silver ash (only 50 pieces of each pattern produced); and the Cafe Collection, made from fine quality marine plywood.

Image: Fukutoshi Ueno


  1. Wow, this is beautiful - I love the colours!

  2. I love the stool that is so gorgeous.
    very nice blog too.

  3. Mooce Baby - I think so too! And thanks for stopping by. I just love your Thea and Sami cat baby pants that you have on Etsy.

    Akiko - Thank you ! I just spent some time on Koto also and really love all your goodies.

  4. Oh sooo gorgeous! The stools are so simply, yet perfectly, designed. Which is just what "good design" is. Something to add to my wish list!

  5. Just clicking through the links on your post Steph trying to find stockists and prices for these stunning pieces... any ideas?

  6. Hi Lisa - you read my mind. I got in touch with Toshi to find out more about stockists and will update the post now. He responded that the Dress-Code collection is now Mavailable from Livingedge, and also people can order from him directly (use the contact form on the website). The Premier Collection is made from solid silver ash (only 50 produced) and the Cafe Collection is made from fine quality marine plywood.

  7. Great find! I would love to have of these gorgeous stools...thx for sharing!

  8. Thanks Wini! I'd love one too. Or all 3 actually.

  9. Yes wouldn't it be great to have all 3!!


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