1 June 2009

Hip Products: Blu Moose booties

How are your tootsies faring now that the temperatures have dropped in the Southern Hemisphere? If you're feeling a little frost-bitten, you might want to check out these super-fun booties from Blu Moose.

Imagine taking your doona and wrapping it around your feet. Mmm, toasty! That's exactly what Melbourne-based Natasha Wells did with her cool Blu Moose booties. Based on a Swedish concept, the booties are cuddly mini feet doonas made from 100% feather down with ankle straps and optional EVA soles. Add to it a cool moose design and you might even give up your uggs.

Thanks so much to Bondville reader Natasha for writing to me to introduce her great products. You can find Blu Moose booties for men, women and children at the Blu Moose online store or at stockists around Australia.

Image: Blu Moose


  1. My feet always freeze in winter. These look so cute and warm and noon has to resort to a snuggie

  2. ohh love blu moose! I bought a pair for my sister years ago who lives out in chilly country nsw!!

  3. Pixelhazard - I'm with you on the cold feet.

    Alischa - you are so ahead of the curve! Does she love them?

  4. Oh I love Blu Moose! I bought the moose ones for a friend and the pink ones for my grandmother. They look and feel deliciously toasty!

  5. Another positive review! Thanks Sacha!


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