11 June 2009

Hip Products: Button Tree accessories

Annemarie Blades creates fun and quirky handmade bags, accessories, art and clothing under the Button Tree label. Based in Melbourne, Annemarie uses vintage materials, old book illustrations and a huge dose of imagination to put together fun pieces for your wardrobe. Annemarie aims to use as many second had/recycled materials as possible while creating original pieces - an ethos I can really respect.

I love the idea of a steely-eyed deer or bird-in-flight on my scarf peaking out from my winter jacket. And replacing all my jacket buttons with bird-covered tweed buttons. And adding a roomy bag with requisite doily fawn. And of course a doily-covered badge to top off my outfit.

If you like that idea too, you can find Button Tree in the online store as well as stockists around Australia.

Images: Button Tree


  1. I love that bird button!
    And the website is FANTASTIC! You see so many websites and rarely does one really stand out... Button Tree's absolutely does.

  2. Hi Lisa - I'm sure Annemarie will be thrilled to hear that you love her site. Do you think I could replace all my jacket buttons with the birds, or would that be too much? Maybe just one...

  3. Oooh, yes this stuff is very good! I love it all :)


  4. Hi Sam - glad you like! I think the scarf if very Zoey Deschanel.


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